V.A. Karasev, V.V. Luchinin "Introduction to the design of  bionical nanosystems".

M.: "FIZMATLIT", 2009. V. 464 pp., with 8 color inset, ill. Circulation - 600 copies.


Internet Version: http://www.biblioclub.ru/book/69102/


The monograph presents the system approach that focuses on the integration of physical, technical, and molecular-biological research methods in area nanobiosystems.


The purpose of this monograph is acquaintance of a wide range of readers with the basic concepts necessary for the decision of engineering problems in nanobioelectronics area.


In the monography promoted the concept of systems of conjugated ionic-hydrogen bonds (CIHBS), considered as a basis for building of bio-organic nanostructures and charge transfer channels in them, as well as its application to the construction of structural-functional models of nanobiostructures (catalysts, membranes, and nanosensors).


The theory of topological coding of the chain polymers, including the notion of a topological code, system of physical operators and the molecular vector machine is described. In its frameworks spatial structures of a genetic code and the canonical set of amino acids are proposed. The principles of a basic set of modules for self-assembled chain polymers are formulated.


The possibilities of solutions on this basis of bio-medical problems of sensors design, polymer catalysts and other biotechnical nanosystems, as well as therapy means are discussed.


The book is intended for researchers, post-graduate students and engineers, specializing in nanotechnology and biomolecular engineering.


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