3. About essence of a life

Let's stop on the first condition, one of the most important: asymmetry of an arrangement of protons in SCIHB. All atoms of hydrogen in these systems should be located on one side from groups (on the resulted schemes - all at the left or to the right of atoms of groups), i.e. is asymmetric. Asymmetric position of protons is nonequilibrium and should be supported by the permanent functioning of these systems connected with alternate change of donors and acceptors. Thus stability SCIHB also is supported due to this process.

Concept SCIHB asserts that in these systems asymmetry of position of protons at the expense of constant change of donors and acceptors of charges should be supported. We concretize this question in application to animals and plants. In animals a direct acceptor of charges is air oxygen.

What will occur, if we deprive an animal of air? It from live shortly becomes lifeless. What will occur, if we deprive an animal of food? It also will be lost, though and not so is fast, as in the first case.

In plants occurrence of charges is promoted by light. For lack of light plant do not develop and perish. An acceptor of charges in plants is water which thanks to plants decays and as a result oxygen is allocated. Without water the plant will be lost.

Thus, elementary displays live quite keep within the predictions following from model of charge transfer.

If the constancy of change of donors and acceptors is broken not only asymmetry of position of protons and the mechanism of carrying over of charges on SCIHB is broken. It leads to that the structures containing SCIHB which stability is supported at the expense by constant migration of charges (protons and electrons), will be quickly and irreversible collapse.

Everything that we know about live beings, testifies that there comes any moment after the termination of receipt of donors or acceptors when their absence conducts to irreversible destruction live beings. Thus, the structures making a live being, also quickly and irreversible collapse.

Carrying over of charges in SCIHB, in particular, transferred by electrons, as well as any electronic process, should be accompanied by electric field occurrence. The numerous effects observed both in a life, and in experiments, can be interpreted from a position of carrying over of the information which is carried out at the expense of this field.


What can be, proceeding from concept SCIHB:


Telepathy. As within the limits of concept SCIHB a "soul" is energized state of biostructures, the information which contains electric field in the form of fluctuations of certain frequency, can be transferred to other object and cause in it corresponding fluctuations in SCIHB and to be decoded in the form of corresponding thoughts or actions.

Telekinesis. Clots of definitely organized electromagnetic field generated by synchronous synthesis and work of biostructures, containing SCIHB, can cause in some (not in all) objects corresponding effects of an attraction or pushing away and to be observed as moving of these objects under the influence of bioobjects or their parts (for example, hands). Anyway, existence of the similar phenomena by the concept is not denied.



What cannot be, proceeding from acceptance of this concept:


Eternity of soul. Within the limits of concept SCIHB «the invisible substance», distinguishing live from lifeless, is carrying of electrons and protons on SCIHB, supported at the expense of constant change of donors and acceptors. With the termination of this process "substance" disappears also. Fast and irreversible transition SCIHB to an equilibrium condition takes place. "Soul" exists only until maintenance of a nonequilibrium condition (asymmetry) of protons in SCIHB will stop.

Resettlement of souls. As "soul", from a position of concept SCIHB is energized state of protons and electrons, localized in SCIHB, any live being already has "soul". Accordingly, resettlement of "soul" from one live beings to another is impossible. However it is impossible to exclude possibility of carrying over of the information (at the expense of electric field) from one soul to another, but it is a question not of resettlement of soul (reincarnation), but only about information carrying over.

Revival of the died. Existence SCIHB depends on presence of donors and acceptors of charges. If process has stopped for a long time, since any moment process restoration of structures becomes irreversible. The "revival" phenomenon in that case can be interpreted only as awakening of the object which had latent process of carrying over of charges (for example, lethargic a dream).


Thus, the scientific view on the nature of live beings as unities of cellular structures and processes of carrying over of charges in these structures on SCIHB allows to understand the nature of live beings in a new fashion. Our knowledge of them at molecular level, taking into account the representations developed in the book [1], allow us to make following definition:

Live beings are the self-reproduced molecular cellular automatic machines constructed on a principle of a continuity of systems of conjugated ionic-hydrogen bonds and using these systems for carrying over of charges and energy.


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