Karasev Vladimir Alexandrovich                                       


Born in 1947. He graduated from Leningrad State University. Biochemist. Candidate of biological sciences.

Leading Research Fellow, Center of Microtechnology and Diagnostics,

St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI".

Scientific interests - search of principles of construction and operation of biological structures for the purpose of their use in bionic nanoelectronics.


Developed the concept of systems of conjugated ionic-hydrogen bonds.

This systems are considered as a basis for the construction of  biostructures and as channels for charge and energy transport in them.

Based on this concept, he proposed:


- analysis of biomolecules as electronic logic modules

- a model of catalysis by oligomeric enzymes;

- zone-block model of biomembranes;

- model of biosensors

Developed the theory of topological coding of proteins, in a frameworks of which he proposed the models:


- spatial structure of the genetic code on the hypercube В6;

- the structure of the canonical set of amino acids on the dodecahedron;

- molecular vector machines

Results of works are published in articles and generalised in the monography: V.A. Karasev, V.V. Luchinin "Introduction to the design of  bionical nanosystems". M: Fizmatlit, 2009, 467 pp.


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