6. Conclusion

Thus, within the limits of population-template model the appearance of the existing mechanism of recombination and selection of living beings accompanied by change of generations, could be predetermined at the earliest stage of chemical evolution and is caused by the mechanism of carrying over of charges on SCIHB , providing in biosystems passage of basic process. Hence it is easy to understand why live beings are exactly what they are and why they exist, usually in the form of two subspecies of the sexes, why their reproduction processes associated with the recombination of the initial monomers (gametes) with a subsequent restoration of duplicated structures and why in the process of evolution there is an alternation change of species generations.

The above concept SCIHB and population-template model for the origin of biological systems using this concept, complement our understanding of the nature and origin of biological systems. They do not require the use for an explanation of origin of live beings ideas of their extraterrestrial origin (panspermia) or acts of "creation." However, they can be a stimulus for further research and promote deepening of our knowledge about ourselves.



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